Hi, I’m Matt Streatfeild and I’m a Wedding and Travel Photographer. I love my job and feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do. Below is a little about me.

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 10 years. I photographed my first ever wedding way back when I was a student at University. It was at that point that I decided pursuing a career as a photographer was something I wanted to do.

It didn’t happen straight away though. I had some shorter term goals I wanted to achieve. First and foremost was traveling overseas for an extended period of time. I did that and it was great. That trip taught me a lot of things, but the number one lesson was that doing something I loved was a priority.

I’ve been to 6 of the 7 continents. I’ve climbed mountains, hiked through canyons, stared a Lion in the face, dived with Sharks, Stingrays and Dolphins. Jumped off and out of things, often from great heights. I’ve photographed some of the most amazing natural and man made landscapes on the planet. The list goes on. I’m all for the experience and I love to document that. I want to see and do as much as I can while I can. I really believe that this approach influences the way I see things and it is a definite impact on my photography.

I currently call Newcastle, NSW, Australia home. It’s a great place to live. On one side I have some of Australia’s best surf beaches and on the other side I’ve got a world class wine growing region nestled amongst a pretty amazing Australian bush backdrop. It’s a playground really!


I’ve got myself a little family. Married to Kate and we have two kids, 6 & 4. Ella & Rio. Fortunately we all share the same zest for doing things. We are a family of doers. We get out there and get amongst it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another thing you should know about me (I’m laying it all on the line here) is that aside from being a passionate photographer, traveler & family man, I’m a bit of a sports nut. I love playing sports, watching sports. I love the friendships and the camaraderie that can develop when you’re part of a team or group. I grew up playing and watching Basketball. I still do that these days and I’ll probably be hooping until the day I die.

My other biggest sporting passion is the Cronulla Sharks. These guys are my team. A team above any other team in any other sport. Since about 5 years old I’ve been a diehard Sharks supporter. They’ve never won anything in their 50 odd years but when they do, believe me, It will probably be one of the greatest days in my life!

I’m great to have on a trivia team, I’m a sucker for chocolate and I much prefer watching a TV series over a movie. There is of course much more to me, but I can’t give it all away just yet.

So if you’re getting married or require a photographer for any reason, I may just be that guy you’re looking for. If that’s the case that’s awesome, lets talk!!


Awards & Achievements:

AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Accredited Professional Photographer 2012-Current.

2016 AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year.