You might recognise Brad & Lara, chances are that if you watch any TV you’ve probably seen them. Winners of The Block in 2012, arguably Australia’s most popular reality TV series.  This day however wasn’t about any of that. It was simply a day that two people who happen to love each other very much decided to get married in front of their closest family and friends.  What a day it was.  Arriving at Lara’s parents place it was bucketing down with rain. The only thing that was getting any enjoyment out of the rain were the lawns.  Numerous times bridesmaids, parents, Lara and myself would just pop our heads outside and peer northwest towards the Hunter Valley to hopefully catch a glimpse of clearing skies.  After a little while a few of us resigned ourselves to the fact it may be a rainy wedding.  And then it happened, just like that, the clouds parted and sun shone over the nicest little stone chapel – St.Patricks of Nulkuba.  It was almost as if it were scripted.

After the ceremony we ventured to Draytons Family Wines for the bridal party portraits.  We were treated to brilliant afternoon sunlight and more than one of us ended up with muddy feet.  The reception was held on Brad & Lara’s own property where they are building one pretty awesome house. The marquee was rocking well past midnight. There was no shortage of singing, dancing and good fun. This was my idea of a perfect wedding.

So a big congratulations to Brad & Lara.  Amongst everything that has happened as a result of The Block they remain the most cool, relaxed good fun people you could hope to meet.  I certainly wish them every success in the future and it was an absolute pleasure to share their wedding day with them.

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