Vegas Baby! A term you’ll often hear whilst walking the famous strip. You’ll hear it at the airport, you’ll hear it at gas stations on the way there, and you’ll hear it behind closed doors as you walk through the halls of your hotel. People flock to Vegas for many reasons.  Many a movie has been made about Vegas and many a movie has been set there.  Vegas is a real life virtual reality.  A place to escape, a place to become somebody else and a place to seek fortune or a quick buck.  I like putting a few dollars down on a Blackjack, Roulette or Craps table, but I can do that most places.  The thing that draws me to Vegas above all is the light, colour and vibrance.  Photographers seek light and Las Vegas certainly provides plenty of that.  I had a heap of fun walking the strip snapping frames with my buddy and fellow photographer Jeremy Messler  who flew out from New Jersey for a couple of days to visit.  In this series all I’ve used is a 17mm wide angle and a 45mm tilt shift lens. Vegas Baby!